Friday, December 30, 2011

I did it!

Holy shit. I did it. Back when I said I was going to run my own little birthday half marathon, I kind of doubted I would follow through with it. But I did it. Wow. 13.34 miles in 02:36:09, done!

I felt great up until mile 7, so I stopped and took a gel and walked a bit. My feet started hurting around mile 9. Mostly my big toes on both feet. Nothing I couldn't handle. Then, running around the lake at mile 10, I crossed paths with a woman walking her blue-eyed white kitty. Obviously I HAD to stop. Kitty's name is Milo. He's deaf and sweet and brave. I stopped and snuggled him again at mile 11. Both breaks were much appreciated and made it possible for me to finish strong. Kitties make everything better.

Now... Food. Water. And ice. What a way to spend my 30th birthday!

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