Friday, April 22, 2011

29 Things To Do Before 30 Update!

Yeah, I know I said I was going to update this thing every month. Have I ever been a consistent blogger? Didn't think so. At least I've done a third of the things on my list!

29 Things To Do Before 30

1. Start tattoo work on my right arm.

2. Get my website up.

3. Volunteer at least 100 hours at ARAS Colorado.

4. Try absinthe.

5. Go on a 90 day spending fast.

6. Enter a photo contest.

7. Publish a blurb book.

8. Make a pair of flats.

9. Host a dinner party with Shaun.

10. Make a Monk and Mao Photography Facebook page.

11. Learn to screenprint.

12. Go to yoga class every day for 60 days.

13. Read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

14. Make something functional.

15. Learn how to do 10 new things in Photoshop.

16. Paint my dresser white.

17. Get my picture taken in a photo booth.

18. Run a 5K.

19. Shoot a gun.

20. Make tamales.

21. Start learning French.

22. Have a photo shoot with Shaun.

23. Figure out how to make awesome vegan beignets.

24. Build a snowman.

25. Get a paid photography job.

26. Run 100 miles in 1 month.

27. Eat something I’ve grown.

28. Take boudoir photos of a friend.

29. Do SOMETHING with the Find Love Every Day idea.

I'm currently working on number 26. I've done 26 miles in the last 7 days, so I'm well on my way to completing it. Yay for progress!


  1. Excellent. Photo of the tattoo work you've had done?

  2. It's just the outline, but it's here:

    I'm getting it shaded and (hopefully!) colored on Monday.

  3. Oh I love it! Any more side on shots? I'm still plotting and planning what I want for a half maybe full sleeve - but I'm struggling to decide... So many ideas!

  4. FYI Udi's in Arvada has rad absinthe--they do it rite with the water drip and they even have locally made absinthe...