Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Champagney Update

Been workin' on my 32 Before 32 list.

8. Go hiking.

We've gone on two hikes recently. This weekend, Becky, my most amazingest friend, invited us to hike Mount Galbraith Loop with her and Colin. The weather was lovely and the conversation was raunchy. PERFECT.

Photo by Becky

There will be much more hiking in my future, with my thrifted Kelty backpack by my (back)side.

11. See Crystal Castles live if they do a U.S. tour.

Again, this happened thanks to Becky. When we still lived in Seattle, she sent me a text to tell me Crystal Castles had scheduled a Denver show. Even though I was going on two years of unemployment and paying $1,200 a month on a studio apartment, I bought tickets for Shaun and myself. That's pretty much why credit cards exist, right?

The show made us feel old and curmudgeonly, but we still had fun. 

We drank whiskey, avoided dope-sick fans (because it's the '90s and "dope-sick" is still a thing), and left early. Like, really early. BUT WE SAW CRYSTAL CASTLES. Finally.

19. Play Cards Against Humanity again.

Went to Jess and Justin's housewarming party. Drank weird shots. Played CAH. Met lots of awesome people (@jgamet and @mdusing and @livearrow). SO MUCH FUN.

25. Make pink pretzel hearts and give them to friends.

I made 'em. And maybe Shaun and I ate most of them. But I did send some to friends. 

So, really, I've been doing okay. As unhappy as I am with a lot of my life right now, things aren't that bad. I really have been focusing on my health like I wanted to this year (hello, low FODMAP life!). My mental health could use some help, but at least I feel okay physically. I guess.

School is on hold because I'm currently making what I made in my early 20s (yeah, really) AND taking care of two people on that sad amount of money. So, yeah, can't afford school and... fuck more debt. Really, things can only get better. 

Fuck, I feel like I should be writing this in Livejournal. THIS IS NOT BLOGGING. THIS IS WHINING AND BEING A POUTY GOTH KID. Thanks, champagne.

So, I guess that's all for now. Still working on my running speed/time. Still snuggling cats. Still working on reopening the monkandmao Etsy shop. BUT I'M IN DENVER. And things will be okay. I'll make them okay.

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