Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Makin' More Progress

I've accomplished a few more things from my "30 Before 31" list.

9. Find jackfruit and make something out of it. 
This wasn't really photo-worthy. I found jackfruit at Pacific Ocean and turned it into "pulled pork" for tacos. It looked really meaty. The taste was pretty boring. That's what I get for following a random internet recipe instead of just winging it. I should know better. I might try again one day, but I wasn't really impressed with the texture or anything, so it's not high on my list of priorities.

11. Bake (vegan) French macarons.
I had plenty of free time while I was in Utah, so I thought I'd give these a try. I used the recipe from Hanna Kaminsky's Vegan Desserts. The cookies almost worked, but they spread too much. They tasted like egg replacer. I didn't bother making the filling because the cookies were crappy, and I really have no desire to try these again.

18. Hang out on the beach.
Shaun and I ran off to San Diego back in February. We needed a trip to the beach. $80 round trip tickets to San Diego? $60 beachfront hotel room? Um, yes.

I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy practicing my beach bum skills. I'm not sorry about it.

22. Fix my broken chandelier.
I dug it out of the box to fix it. Turns out it wasn't really fixable. Bummer. Off to the thrift store it went.

29. Eat a vegan corn dog.
I was SO excited for this one. I ended up at Sputnik one night and saw that they had tofu corndogs. I giddily ordered one. I dipped it in mustard, stuck it in my mouth...

...and was really disappointed. It was flavorless tofu dipped in flavorless batter. At least I can cross it off my list. And I have an awesome new twitter avatar, thanks to Becky.

I have some pretty cool stuff coming up. Most likely opening the Monk and Mao Etsy shop again. Doing some gypsying. Hanging out with cats. You know. I'll try to blog about it. Not that anyone actually reads this. Buttholes.


  1. Well I read it, so there. I loved the corn dog. Anticipation is not always all it's made out to be. ;) I pinned your kitty picture on Pinterest and I'm going to retweet you. Just because I can.

  2. bummer that the corn dog wasn't better -- so much potential to be delicious! way to work on your list!

  3. I felt the same way about Jackfruit! AND! If you are able to, take a trip down to PDX, go to Tiger Too, and get one of their corn dogs. SCRUMPTIOUS.