Friday, July 9, 2010

What I'm Wearing - 07.09.10

What I'm Wearing 07.09.10

Mustard yellow top - Thrifted, Forever21
Black dress - Thrifted, no tags
Black tulle skirt - Target (kid's section!)
Fishnet thigh highs - Who knows... I've had them since high school
Blue ballet flats - Eddie Bauer
Locket - Some "ethnic" store in the mall
White medallion - Target
Kitty tapestry bag - Thrifted for $3.99 (!)


  1. Your cat looks so big. Like a baby lion!

  2. He is a pretty big kitty, but he's super lean and handsome, not fat at all. My sister says he has the perfect cat body. He makes Monk look extra small and plump. :)