Monday, March 8, 2010

Monthly Goals

Ah, crap. I'm a little late for this month's Athena Dreams Design Monthly Goals Meet Up, aren't I? Well, better late than never, I s'pose.

February's goals were:
  1. Reopen Etsy shop on or before 2/5. Yeah right. I'm not sure what I was high on when I said that.
  2. Make at least 10 sales. Can't make any sales without opening the shop, can I?
  3. Post at least 20 blog entries. I blogged 8 times. Almost half of my goal, and more than any previous month!
  4. Redesign business cards. Started working on it.
  5. Find a storage solution for my work area (craigslist, antique mall). It's getting out of hand! I'm still hunting. I found a few things that would work, but I need a sugar daddy to pay for them.
  6. Practice screenprinting on canvas and make a pillow with my handsome Mao on it. Didn't get anywhere near this one. :(
  7. Get accounting in order before it becomes a huge pain in the ass. I gathered receipts. It's a start!
So February wasn't a total failure. I didn't get to completely cross anything off of my list, but I did do a few things that weren't listed. I started The Couch-to-5K Running Plan on 2/16, and I've done an awesome job keeping up with it so far. When I finish the program, I'll be able to cross it off of my list of 28 things to do before I'm 29! Yay for lists!

March goals:
  1. Redesign blog. (Entry headers, bio, sidebar, etc.)
  2. Research printing photos. (sizes, paper, cost, etc.)
  3. Keep looking for storage.
  4. Again, get accounting in order before it becomes a huge pain in the ass.
  5. Post at least 10 blog entries.
  6. Keep up with Couch-to-5K.
  7. Finish custom embroidery project.
Oh, and... I went part-time at work! With an extra 2 1/2 days off every week, I have no reason to not kick my new list's butt, right?

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  1. Indeeeeeed! Love you sense of humour Amber, and with all that extra time, you are SURE to be able to tackle more on your list, now kick that list's butt!