Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creative Space Storage Inspiration

Last night I spent a good 6 hours cleaning, rearranging and organizing my creative area. It's still nowhere near done, but I can finally see the desktop again. That's quite an accomplishment. I really need more storage though. My little 600 square foot apartment is not the most packrat-friendly place. I keep daydreaming about an old card catalog or mail sorter...

(via B-Kay)

(via Rosenatti)

Imagine all the things I could stash in something like that! I definitely see a weekend of antiquing in my near future. Wish me luck!

(And I'll share pictures and talk more about my creative space soon, once the clean-up of the Hurricane Amber craft carnage is complete. It's still kind of scary.)


  1. I keep daydreaming about an old typewriter. le sigh.

  2. I would love to have a card catalogue as well! I find them occasionally but they are so expensive.

  3. I have wanted a card catalog FOREVER. They are always so expensive though. I've even hit up some libraries for theirs.."So, um, when are you getting rid of your card catalog? And when you do, could I get it?".....

  4. @Sport: Old typewriters are awesome. My friend Chelsea has a GORGEOUS green one. I'm jealous.

    @Jenny & Christie: It's a shame how expensive they are, isn't it? I found a little 3' x 3' mail sorter at an antique mall a few weeks ago and it was $300. So ridiculous. Good luck finding one, ladies!