Friday, January 15, 2010

What I'm Wearing

I got out of work early and finally rearranged my room so I have a place to take pictures. Now I just need to convince the sun to stay up later in the evening so it's not too dark to take pictures when I usually get home from work.

Black dress: Forever 21 (bought in Vegas 4 years ago)
Striped cardigan: Thrifted
Black tights: Target
Ballet flats: Nine West (orig. $125, on clearance for $15!)
Necklace charms: Estate sales
Handsome cat: My darling Mao (wearing his favorite stripey pants)

I wore this for a coffee date with a friend I hadn't seen in a couple years, but hope to see more of in the future. I kind of feel like a redheaded Alice in Wonderland in the dress. I should probably wear it more often.


  1. I think you look very pretty here and your hair is beautiful.

    Good luck with the sunshine. Here in the UK is grey most of the time at the moment :(


  2. anything thrifted is automatic win. =)
    im really envious of how you can find all of these great buys (and how you work them so wonderfully!!!)
    ah, and good luck with your friend, reconnecting is always a good thing. =)

  3. @pennycones Thank you! I'll see if I can send some sunshine your way. :)

    @Ellie I couldn't agree more. Thrifted stuff is the best! Oh, and your comment made me blush. Thanks! <3