Friday, January 29, 2010

Primary Color Love

You might not have noticed this yet, but I'm in love with black, white, grey, and variations of the primary colors. I have always decorated my house with things that made me happy, not really paying attention to color. One day I walked into my living room and it hit me. Yellow couch, black & white pillows, blue trunk, red books, yellow-gold picture frames, blue & white curtains, red vases. I walked into my bedroom and noticed the same. Dark red cherry floors, blue-grey wall paint, yellow dresser, red ballet flats sitting on top of a blue vintage suitcase, black antique iron bed frame, yellow throw blanket. So. I guess I like primary colors, huh?

I was just drooling over the Anthropologie website again, and I started saving pictures of things that made me happy. I uploaded them to Flickr & noticed something...

skyfall dress

in-a-moment dress

field game cardigan

wisp-of-silk undies

crinoline slip
All photos via Anthropologie.

Well then. It's settled. I'm obsessed.

I'm planning in making my own version of the yellow tulle slip. I would also LOVE to figure out how to make some pretty little bloomers like the ones above. Unfortunately my 7th grade sewing skills might not be sufficient.

Um, help? Please? What are your favorite online sewing resources?


  1. If you find a pattern for those bloomers please let me know as well! I will do the same if I find a pattern.


  2. Wow! Awesomely cute blog i have stumbled across! Love it =].
    And those clothes are adorable, i wish i had sewing skills but alas..none.
    Much love
    Come visit my blog if you please, it's lonely and would like to make more friends.
    Lady G xx

  3. You might have already heard of the site, but Burdastyle ( is amazing for inspiration from other sewers, pattern downloads, and how-to's. Just an amazingly inspiring sewing site.

  4. @meimei, I definitely will!

    @Lady Gabrielle, I LOVE your tattoo!! Following you back. :)

    @Jenny, thank you! Burdastyle is new to me & it looks awesome. I see a new obsession coming on. If it helps me figure out how to make the bloomers, I'll send you a pair!

  5. well as long as it makes you happy right?
    as for the bloomers:
    i've been meaning to try these out myself. =^__^=

  6. Holy crap, Ellie! Thank you! This is too awesome. I'm going to go on a thrift store fabric hunt this week so I can try these. I'll let you know how they turn out!