Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I miss you, summertime.

Denver is teasing me with 60° weather today, and I'm dreaming of prancing around in one of these (overpriced) beauties...
via Urban Outfitters

I think I'm going to run away and live in a tent on the beach. Soon.


  1. UGH Fort Collins is REALLY warm, too. I need it to be summer so I can ride my bike. And swim. And be outside always.

  2. Stunning bathing suits! I would love to click and read more on them but they will be waaaay out of my price range :(


  3. I've been wearing the same black crocheted $20 bikini for 3 summers now. These beauties are both way out of my price range, too. But a girl can dream, right? :)