Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To paint, or not to paint?

First, let me apologize for my lack of posts lately. I'm a bit overwhelmed with life right now and my main concern has been trying to stay afloat. Unfortunately my Etsy shop and blog have been neglected. Things are going to be changing soon, so let's hope for the best.

Anyway. On to the fun stuff! Ever since I moved into my condo three years ago, I've wanted to paint the wood floors white. I mean, c'mon...

Painted wood floors are gorgeous, right? I'm planning on getting a place with the boyfriend soon and I want to hang on to the condo because it's in a great area. Right now, I'm living with the standard Denver hardwood floors. I love that the place isn't carpeted, but they're so... yellow. (Sorry for the crappy pictures. I never see daylight at home. The flash was necessary.)

My Living Room

My Entry

The only thing that's holding me back is the fear of possible renters being turned off by the white floors. What do you think? Will people be more likely to rent the place if it has the same boring wood floors as all the other apartments in Capitol Hill, or will the white floors maybe draw in renters who care a little more about appearance and appreciate interesting design? Help?!


  1. Ick. Don't do it! It's a bit too..medicinal.

  2. I would have to vote against it. Most people don't look at wood as "yellow", but as a warm, natural tone. Personally, I love wood floors, and would be turned off by them being painted white.

  3. Yeah, I don't quite like the white floors either. I mean, it looks very nice when it is used as an art exhibit or just to look at, but to live in it is a different story.

    But ultimately, I say, do what you want! If the white makes you happy, then it will make everyone else happy, too!

  4. Thanks for talking some sense into me, guys! If I was going to live here for a while, I would definitely do it. Since I'm going to try to rent it out soon, I think I'll just leave the floors alone for now. I think a new paint color in the living room will help, too.